Monday, March 5, 2012

Monogram Wreath

Wreaths are pretty much my favorite thing.  For me, putting up a wreath is the first step to preparing for any season or holiday.  We've got one for every holiday (and even some made up ones!) around here. Here in South Florida, the cold weather is long gone, and we're welcoming in the Spring.  Because of wedding planning, I've got purple running through my veins.

Today I whipped up this wreath that I'm putting out in preparation for some springtime beautifulness (even though I'm still holding out for some cooler winter weather).  This was also attempt number one at creating a wreath I might like to hang on the doors of the venue for the wedding.

This project all started when I found this great grapevine wreath at a thrift store for a dollar.  When I bought it, it had some pretty terrible and very weathered sunflowers on it, but I knew that I could turn it into something I would love.  I went on a little shopping spree at Michael's because all of their Springtime floral was 50% off and grabbed all of the flowery stuff.  I bought two of those pretty little beaded bouquets that are sticking up the top, two stems of the hanging flowers at the bottom (I have no idea what they're called), and one stem of hydrangeas.

The beaded bouquet and the hanging flowers were attached with some cheap floral wire that I had lying around.  After I had the hanging flowers and the beaded bouquets all wired on, I pulled all the buds off of the hydrangea bouquet.  Here, I was glad that I had bought the cheap ones, because the buds just popped right off. Those were hot glued on and took all of about two minutes.

Lastly, I had that big E lying around from an old and tattered wreath from a couple of years ago that got a little face lift.  Some 50 cent paint did just the trick.  I hot glued that baby on and called it a day.

I think that a good wreath is always a great way to brighten up a front door.

Do you incorporate wreaths into your holiday traditions?  Do you have any favorites that you've made?  I'd love to see them.

Leave them in the comments so I can check it out!

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