Thursday, March 29, 2012

Playhouse, Completed!

I am so stinkin' excited to have finished my playhouse.  It was definitely a huge time investment, but I think it came out fantastic (and I learned some good stuff along the way too!). It's made to fit over a standard size card table (although mine came out about two inches too long)  Here's the play-by-play:

Panel One

For the lettering across the top, I used a stencil that I had lying around the house.  To sew the individual letters (and all the other oddly shaped appliques) onto my playhouse, I used my brand new free form quilting foot.  This made all those curves incredibly easy to maneuver.  There is definitely a learning curve with in, though, and it takes a little while to get the hang of it.  It's totally worth it, and I know that I'll be using it in a ton of other projects later on.  I'm already itching to make another playhouse! 

I added a little mailbox to the front of the playhouse.  I wanted to create a little bit of interaction, instead of just being something cute to go inside of.  I think I need to make some cute felt envelopes too.

For all of the windows on my playhouse, I made sure to leave all of the layers of fabric intact.  I wanted the window panels to be as strongly reinforced as possible.  For the door, you can see here that the first layer is pink, the second layer is yellow, and the third layer is white.  I strongly recommend utilizing all of the layers of your playhouse to reinforce the window panels.  With these three layers, they seem pretty sturdy and hopefully hold up for a long time. 

Close-ups of the other appliques on this panel.  I love the way my lamp came out (even if it is a tad bit crooked).  The butterfly was more work than I anticipated him being.  In retrospect, I would have just sewed him by hand instead of trying to run those tiny details through my sewing machine.  I had cut an extra heart and not enough flowers, so this stoop has a heart-growing bush.  I wish I had one of those! 

Panel Two

 I think that my favorite detail on the entire playhouse has got to be the strawberry bush.  I think that the leaves a great level of depth and texture.  It wasn't until after photographing that I realized some pretty major scaling mishaps--my dog is less than twice the size of a strawberry!  Oh well, I think they're both cute.

Here's another example of where I used my free form quilting foot.  Outlining all those little petals without would have been miserably frustrating.  I used the same technique of utilizing the pink base to reinforce my flowers as I did on the window panes.  I knew that if I didn't reinforce them, they would just flop over, and I'm glad to show that they're standing upright and pretty.

I loved how these simple shapes--a few hearts and a big rectangle--are able to add such character to my playhouse.  

Panel Three
 Here are some closeups of the detailing in the fruit.  Originally, I had wanted to make them detachable with velcro or snaps, but I thought that they would get lost or damaged too easily.  Again here you can see how I just sewed the leaves right down the center to create some texture in my tree.

 While I decided not to make my fruit detachable, I did decide to include a little basket.  To create an envelope of sorts, I just gave the basket two pleats--one on each side--so that it would stay open and not collapse in on itself.

Panel Four
When I look at this panel, I can really see how much work I put into this little playhouse.  It's just so cheery and happy!

Here are some more flowers that let me utilize my new quilting foot, and the textured leaves.  I just love the little cat that I put on there--she looks like my Clementine. 

Getting the little orange beaks onto my birds was definitely the most challenging part of this panel.  Because it was such a tiny little piece of felt, I had to be extra careful running it through my machine.  In retrospect, though, I would have just sewed their beaks on by hand.

My Roof
When buying my purple felt for the roof of my playhouse, I seem to have done a little miscalculation.  It was about four inches too short and about 2 feet too wide.  So, in order to fix my mishap, I just added a center panel to lengthen my rooftop.  While this wasn't my ideal roof, my improv fix-it seemed to have worked just fine.  I will also say that if I wasn't absolutely enamored with house cute the scallops were around the rooftop, I would definitely have just skipped out on them.  They're adorable, but they're a lot of work; pattern-cutting is my least favorite part of the whole sewing process, and I was cursing myself as I cut all those scallops out. 

Overall, I'm so happy with how it came out.  I think that it will make one birthday girl incredibly happy.

What do you think my playhouse is missing?  Have any of you taken on this HUGE project?  I'd love to see how yours came out!


  1. Diana! This is so adorable. These would sell in an instant on Etsy.

    1. Thank you! I think it came out so fun. I kind of bit off an etsy seller to make my own, so I would feel bad posting them myself. But she had them posted for over $200! Materials probably cost me about $25, but I spent HOURS working on it.

      Once your baby girl gets crawling, I'd love to make her one!

  2. oh my gosh, your playhouse is incredible!! I think the birdhouse and the duck are my favorites. Thanks for sharing this with me. And I can't believe you want to make another one- I'm good for life after just one :)

  3. You should really give that Etsy seller credit with a direct link, it's obvious your playhouse (although not as well done) is copied from hers. Good bloggers give credit where credit is due. I've made one of her playhouses, and your flowers wouldn't flop over without the interfacing. Just so you know! :)