Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playhouse, Part Four

Today I put the finishing touches on laying out all the panels of my playhouse.  I'm very excited about it! My wonderful fiance drew me some beautiful strawberries to put on--I think they're perfect.  He also gave me the idea to sew some leaves onto my strawberry bush (and the tree in my other panel) to give it some texture.  I think it came out great.

I don't think that I'm crazy about the puppy dog--I think he looks a little silly, so he might need a some editing later on.  We'll see.  Maybe it's the perspective that's off.  He's only slightly bigger than the strawberries! Haha.

The front door of my house needs a little help too.  I haven't decided exactly what it needs.  Any suggestions?  I do absolutely love her name across the top.  I used some old stencils that I had lying around to trace out baby girl's name across the top in some pretty girly floral fabric.  Once sewn on, the little mailbox will have a little flap to put stuff in.  Maybe I'll sew up some envelopes or something to put in there?

On to some sewing this weekend (after I write a paper this week), and hopefully I'll be able to post a finished project by next week!

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