Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Playhouse, Part One

I've begun my first adventure in (quasi-) pattern making, which is much more difficult than I had originally imagined.

While perusing Pinterest, I kept finding these wonderful felt playhouses.  I'm sure you've seen them--they're made to slip over a card table.  As it just so happens, I know a beautiful soon-to-be two year old that would positively adore something like this for her birthday.  Because all of the felt playhouses I've seen run upward of $200, I knew that I could my put my sewing skills to use and create it myself.  Plus, a homemade gift is so much more meaningful, right?

A trip to Joann's today--equipped with a ton of coupons--proved fruitful.  Inspired by the row of felt and a fun floral fabric square that I'd picked up earlier, I picked a fun girly color palette. I'm hoping to make curtains to cover the fabric square, but we'll see how that turns out.

So here's my first draft, heavily inspired by Google Images.  I'm sure that this will evolve as I get into creating patterns for each panel.  I've already ditched the window on the door, so everything's still up in the air.  I'm thinking about making the tree wrap around a corner.  All I know for sure is that I've got to fit in as many animals as possible.  I've got a duck, a bird, a cat, and a dog.  Baby girl is all about animals, so I know she'll love it.  Any other ideas for incorporating creatures into my playhouse pattern?  Or maybe you've done this project before.  I'm going by trial-and-error, so I'd love some tips!

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  1. You should give the person you copied credit. Your drawings literally look EXACTLY like this Etsy seller's playhouses: How can you just take credit for her designs? So tacky!!!!!