Monday, March 26, 2012

Vanilla Cupcakes and Review à la Sunbeam

Mondays for me--because I don't have class when everyone else in the world is either in school or work--are usually pretty lonely around here.  So today, the final day of spring break, I welcomed some baking help from my baby cousin Isabel (daughter of Which Craft).

Because I have recently acquired a Kitchen Aid mixer (hallelujah!), I was just dying to make something from scratch.  We scoured the internet looking for a recipe that we could make with the ingredients we had lying around.  We settled on these vanilla cupcakes with Nutella frosting from this recipe.

The big excitement for this baking adventure, though, was my brand new cupcake maker that my wonderful fiancé got me!  I have and absolutely LOVE my Breville Pie Maker, so I was hoping that this new toy would be just as wonderful.  My very only complaints would be that I wish the handle was on the left side.  Being right-handed, I would have preferred to have the handle on the left, that way I could use my right hand to test poke my cupcakes.  Also, I would have preferred for an easier way to get the cupcakes out of maker.  My pie maker has a handy little tool to pull out the pies without any fear of scalding.  Something like that would have been really nice.  But it did bake wonderful cupcakes, so I am very happy with how everything worked out.

The other thing I loved about my new cupcake maker is how easy it was to use.  I think it's something that Isabel definitely could have operated it herself without me worrying about scalded fingers, so it was definitely a hit with her.

I thought that the cupcakes came out a little bit denser than I had hoped, but they definitely won't go to waste either!  As the frosting recipe indicated, I did have to up the powdered sugar to get the consistency that I wanted.  But I think they came out pretty.  And I got to bust out my super old Wilton pastry tips.  I know that Isabel and her family will all be munching on some tasty vanilla cupcakes with Nutella frosting this week.  I did learn, however, the peril of icing a cupcake too soon without letting it cool first.  Lesson learned.

Do you have a favorite baking appliance?  What do you wish you had to make your baking easier or more fun? 

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