Monday, March 5, 2012

Will you be my bridesperson?

Preparing for a wedding has got to be one of the most exciting things I've ever done!  I get the opportunity to figure out exactly what my priorities are for the wedding--and top on that list is having the people I love there with me.  

Because most of the people I'd like to be in my bridal part don't live nearby (I say "people, because two of the five are dudes), I needed to find a fun way to ask them that isn't calling them up for sending them a lame text message.  It had to be something really cute and crafty, and it had to be something that I could stick in the mailbox.   After doing some research (which mostly consists of hours scouring pinterest), I came up with this fun project inspired by Rinse. Repeat. and Lauren David Style.  

I started out with these wooden boxes from Michael's (purchased with coupons, of course) and painted them a neutral beige along the top where their names will be going.  Once that had dried, I stuck a contact paper stencil that I had cut out, and painted the entire thing a dark purple (David's Bridal calls it "lapis").  Once the purple paint had dried, and I peeled my contact paper stencil off, I had to do a little retouching with a thin paintbrush.

This whole painting and drying process (I did about three layers of the beige and two layers of the purple, plus the retouching) on seven boxes took quite a while. I think it was well worth it, though.  

I filled my box with a bunch of goodies that I thought my girls and guys would appreciate: 
-monogrammed wine glass/beer mug/milk glass made some a dollar store sticker and some armor etch
-monogrammed tissues found in the dollar section at Michael's
-mini bottles of their favorite liquor where appropriate
-pin from Michael's bridal section that says "Bridal Party Official Member"

After all of the paint had dried, I took some glittery stickers that were on sale at Michael's and stuck "I can't say I Do without you!" on the inside lid.  Finally, I wrote them a letter letting them know how honored I would be to have them there on my special day.  I also included a little envelope giving some details about each member and swatches of the wedding colors.  Of course I had seal them with my Hogwarts Wax Seal.

Overall, I am so happy with how they came out.  I think they couldn't be more me.  So far, everyone seems to be enjoying them very much, although my baby cousin, who's seven years old (and was asked to be an usher), was more excited about the box with his name on it than anything else.  He'll probably use it to store his legos.

Have you done anything like this to ask your girls and guys to join you on your wedding day?  I'd love to see what you came up with!


  1. Diana, these came out so cute!! I just saw your comment on my blog so I popped over to check them out! Adorable, and I love that you made them totally yours.

    Also...loving that you incorporated little bottles of booze! Hehehe. Sometimes I think my bridal party needed that more than I did! :)

    Great job, and thanks so much for sharing!

    1. I had so much fun making these for the people in my bridal party. Everyone loved them and (thankfully!) everyone said yes. Thanks for stopping by to check them out!