Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vodka & Lexicography

It is 1:17 in the morning and I am still working on homework.  I've got a glass of vodka and a stack of textbooks in front of me that still need my attention.  I've got to be up at 9:00 to take baby girl to the library for story time.  I was hoping to have a pillow case dress done for her to wear tomorrow (I found the most gorgeous vintage 70's pillowcase at a thrift store for fifty cents), but that definitely isn't going to happen.  Maybe next week.

The fiance and I are trying to work out a trip to Nashville this summer to get school/work/house sorted out post-wedding, and I found it to be surprising stressful to think about.

Send me some good vibes for exam week and papers and homework and all that.  Some sewing crafts this weekend should do a good job of calming me down and clearing my head.

I can't wait until this semester is over.  Cheers.

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