Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Healthy Eatin'

As the wedding quickly approaches (less than seven months, guys!), I decided--as I'm sure almost all brides do--that I most definitely have a few pounds that I can spare.  With the idea of wedding photos lasting into eternity looming over, I thought that this would be the prime time.

My usual go-to lunch is a pizza bagel, which is obviously not conducive to my "lose 30 pounds by December" plan.  Thus, inspired by my new favorite mommy blog Oh Dear Drea and her photojournalistic endeavor Things on Toast, I stuck my head in my fridge and thought:  "What tasty things can I throw on some wheat thins and call it a lunch?"

The answer: 
-two tablespoons low fat ricotta cheese
-spinach (because I didn't have any basil)
-grape tomatoes
-sprinkling of balsamic vinaigrette

Super success, I'd say.  And at 200 calories, it's being added to the list of healthy, easy, and fast lunches. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Very Own Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I scored this beautiful vintage pillowcase at one of my favorite thrift stores.  It was 50 cents, and I couldn't have been more excited.  I knew that I wanted to make a dress for my favorite toddler.  To my utter dismay, I struggled to find a single tutorial that showed me how to make a pillowcase dress out of an actual pillowcase.  They were all tutorials on how to make a dress that looked like it was made out of a pillowcase.

So I pulled out my sewing kit and determined to figure it out myself.  And--ta da!--I think it came out stinkin' adorable.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easy Peasy Bow Tutorial

Today I worked on a gorgeous little pillowcase dress (tutorial forthcoming) out of a vintage floral pillowcase for my baby cousin.  Once I was done with the dress, I had a bit of fabric left.  I know that her mommy likes to put baby girl in pigtails with matching hairbows, so I knew that's what I needed in order to complete her new outfit.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kindle Makeover

Can you see the residual nail polish
and the serious scratches?  No fun. 
I must start this post by saying that I love my kindle touch.  It's my "if you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one item" item.  Having all of my books in one spot that fits in my purse (I've got the Bible AND Don Quixote in a clutch!) is fantastic.  I bought the lighted leather case, which is great.  But the problem I've run into (and this might be because I'm a little neurotic when it comes to things like this) is that the case gets scratched too easily for my comfort.  Admittedly, I did get some nail polish on my case while painting my nails.  It needed to get fixed.

I Love Summer!

The ocean, some Strongbow, lots of sunshine, a big hat and good friends is what summer is all about.

Too bad I've only got a week left before summer semester.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Are you a Coupon-er?

Whether you're an experienced couponer or just getting started, I've got something for you!

My mom jumped on the coupon band wagon (with great success, might I add) and asked me to create a pretty table of contents and matching dividers for her coupon binder.  Lucky for her is lucky for you!

I created a pink version and a grey version with a pretty Eiffel Tower motif.

Click.  Print.  Save $$.

And good luck!

Are you a crazy coupon-er? Do you have any expert tips I can pass on to my mommy?


Finishing up a paper on Dr. Seuss for class (Klonked, Bonked, Jerked, Berked, & Bopped: Scalar Implicatures in Dr. Seuss, for interested parties), and would like to take a quick moment to do a couple of things:

1. Say, I STINKIN' LOVE DR. SEUSS.  I know that I am in no way unique for having a love of Dr. Seuss (my favorite being There's a Wocket in my Pocket), but he is always able to put a smile on my face.  Those silly wockets.

2. Express a gratitude for being in a Master's program that allows me to pick my own subject matter.  As a general rule, I refuse to work with a piece of literature that I don't love.  Why on earth would I chose to work on War & Peace (sorry, Tolstoy fans), when I can write about Yertle the Turtle and the Sneetches?

3. Bask in the possibilities of summer that lie ahead.  Will I spend the next two weeks (before I head back to school) doing some sewing work that I've been dying to finish, soak up some sunshine, or going on adventures with the fiance and my cousins?  Who knows?  Oh, the possibilities.

Wish me luck on this paper and my last final.

Anyone else have big (or small!) plans for their summertime?