Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easy Peasy Bow Tutorial

Today I worked on a gorgeous little pillowcase dress (tutorial forthcoming) out of a vintage floral pillowcase for my baby cousin.  Once I was done with the dress, I had a bit of fabric left.  I know that her mommy likes to put baby girl in pigtails with matching hairbows, so I knew that's what I needed in order to complete her new outfit.

I can't for the life of me remember where I learned to make these bows--I know that I made them in college in black & gold for tailgating wonderfulness.  It's my favorite bow to make because it requires absolutely no sewing. And if you can trace a circle, you can make this bow.

Things you'll need for two bows: 
-Two hair clips of your preferences
-Hot glue gun
-About 1/8 of a yard
(you'll probably have plenty left over, too)
-Scrap of matching felt
-Something round to trace a circle
(mine is about two inches across)

To make my circles, I just found a top from a cat treat bottle--but any round object will do just fine.

Because baby girl at two years old still has really thin baby hair, I reused a mismatched set of baby hair clips that I had lying around the house.  You could also use french barrettes (like the two on top to the left) or even a snap clip, if you are so inclined.

The first step is to cut one circle out of a matching felt per bow.  I'm making two bows, so I cut out two felt circles.  Even though my bows are mostly yellow and green, white worked just fine.

You're going to need ten circles per bow,
all the same size.
(Plus the felt circle we cut earlier)
Fold your circle in half,
with prettiest side facing out.
Fold it in half again,
until you've got a quarter.
Place a drop of hot glue on the
least decorative side. 
Stick it down on your felt circle.
Note: you might have to put a dab of
glue between the two layers so that the quarter
stays down and doesn't flop open. 
Repeat this process until you've got four of your
ten fabric circles glued on to your felt base. 
Repeat this process with the next four circles,
except this time, place them in between the first layer.  
They'll sit so that the point on the second layer
lays right where two circles from the first layer meet.
I hope the picture makes this step a little bit clearer.  
 Here's my flower after I glued on all
four circles of my second layer.
Eight circles down, two to go. 
For the last two circles, you're going to fold them into
quarters like with all the other circles, except this time the
glue is going to go on the very tippy corner instead
of on the back.  
The last two circles get glued vertically, individually,
right in the center,.  You'll have to hold
these each circle in place until the glue's dried a little.
Sometimes, if you can see the felt base (like in the photo
above), I got back and trim the felt base a little bit.
Just because I'm picky.  
The last step is to glue your flower onto the hair
clip.  I always find it easier (and less messy/painful)
to put the glue on the clip instead of on the flower.
Ta-da!  Your final product.  Easy Peasy.  And SO cute.
(Please ignore my hot glue gun battle wound on my middle finger there.)

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