Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Healthy Eatin'

As the wedding quickly approaches (less than seven months, guys!), I decided--as I'm sure almost all brides do--that I most definitely have a few pounds that I can spare.  With the idea of wedding photos lasting into eternity looming over, I thought that this would be the prime time.

My usual go-to lunch is a pizza bagel, which is obviously not conducive to my "lose 30 pounds by December" plan.  Thus, inspired by my new favorite mommy blog Oh Dear Drea and her photojournalistic endeavor Things on Toast, I stuck my head in my fridge and thought:  "What tasty things can I throw on some wheat thins and call it a lunch?"

The answer: 
-two tablespoons low fat ricotta cheese
-spinach (because I didn't have any basil)
-grape tomatoes
-sprinkling of balsamic vinaigrette

Super success, I'd say.  And at 200 calories, it's being added to the list of healthy, easy, and fast lunches. 

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