Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Care Package: A Pinterest Cornucopia

A very dear friend of mine had a baby this week.  Because she lives far away from me, I knew that I wanted to send her and her new baby girl, Mckenzie, a fun package in the mail.  "Where does one go for baby fun inspiration?" you ask? Pinterest of course!

It was a great week for me to bust out the sewing machine, hit Joann's with some serious coupons, and spend the week sewing and watching Law & Order: SVU reruns.  

The Inspiration! 
I absolutely positively fell in love with these two coordinating fabrics at Joann's.  I've kind of a got a thing for elephants, so any time I see adorable elephant fabric, I can't resist.  While I should have checked who made them, I was blinded by my excitement of these girly elephants and didn't bother to check.  After discovering these great fabrics, I knew that I wanted to make a whole suite.  Four yards of fabric later, this is what I've got.

Let us embark on a Pinterest journey! 

Hooded Car Seat Blankie
I know that I posted about this one before here, but it's absolutely positively become my new favorite gift for new moms.  Again Imperfect Homemaking posted a great tutorial here.  Don't those fabrics looks great together? I love it! 

The new mommy who received my care package had this to say
My favorite is the car seat wrap.  It's going to be so useful for me!

Hooded Towel
For my hooded towel, I used The Cottage Home's tutorial.  I found super bright pink towels at Target for $3 and knew they'd be perfect.  I used The Cottage Home's method of added embellishment to the hood, but I also added my coordinating embellishment along the bottom: 

Baby Apron
I made two of these little things because they were SO simple and look amazing.  I used a tutorial provided by Craftiness is Not Optional.  They absolutely could have been store-bought.  It was a great project, and the tutorial she provided is so wonderfully clear.  She did a great job with the tutorial.  To do the bias tape, I used the first method in this YouTube video by Sugar Tart Crafts (although my bias tape was store bought, unlike the amazing Craftiness is Not Optional).
These little bibs look like a great way to keep a messy baby clean, and I will definitely be making more of these in the future. 

Car Seat Strappies

These were not Pinterest inspired, but I think they're awesome, so I'm including them in this post anyway.  I just kind of winged this one.  I traced a pair that my cousin had on Eli's car seat and just made it up as I went along.  I think they came out great.  And they're reversible which is extra fun.  

While I made up mine as I went along, The Sweet Life posted a tutorial that is pretty much exactly what I did, except that I used bias tape instead.

Isn't she the sweetest?

Diaper Strap

Calico posted a tutorial on how to make this handy little diaper strap.  As she writes: 
I think we're kinda steering away from the big vinyl chunky diaper bags, and moving more towards a modern disguised looking baby bag. Especially for those quick trips where you don't necessarily need to haul the baby tub and loofahs. I love the strap idea because it's enough to carry the essentials - a couple diapers and the wipes - and it keeps them strapped together tight and stylish in your own handbag; AND dad can carry it to the changing room without wearing a purse. 
 Her tutorial is great, and I think it came out so cute.  Stumbling through drawers looking for a button that I might use, I found the PERFECT one.  Doesn't it match perfectly?  I couldn't have planned it better.

Door Protector Thing

I found a picture on Pinterest of this little guy on a door handle.  It linked to an etsy store, but I wanted one in the fabric that I had already bought.  I decided to wing it and just make one myself.  I mean, it looks simple enough, right?  About five square inches of each fabric and batting, and two hair ties and ta-da!  The inventor of this handy little gadget writes: 
Ever get tired of hearing that door slam? Just put the baby down and trying to sneak out of the room? Have company over that just can't seem to be quiet? Here is your solution! 
 I'll definitely have to invest in one.  Rose Fields Market has lots of different options in tons of different colors.  She's on to something!

Plush Elephant

I bought this pattern at Joann's ages ago during one of those "all patterns are only $1" sales.  This was the first time I used it, and I have to say--she's adorable!  I couldn't be happier with how she turned out! 

Monogram Blanket
With whatever fabric I had left, I made a little monogrammed baby blanket.  I just traced the M with some old stencils that I had lying around, used my free form quilting foot to sew it on, then my awesome applique scissors to cut around the stitches.  I think it came out pretty cute.  

I think she likes it! 


  1. What a good friend you are! She will love the plethora of handmade goodies you made! Adorable fabric choices too!

    1. Thank you! I appreciated your super easy tutorial that added to this fun little box.

  2. If I have another baby will you send me such an awesome goody package! (minus the car seat straps which we dont use because of the safety debate..potatoe-pa-ta-toe lol)
    Seriously though, I love the fabric choices!

  3. This is all so nice-Your friend is so lucky :) So much hard work!