Thursday, June 7, 2012

Car Seat Swaddle

Perusing Pinterest, I came across The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking's tutorial for a Hooded Car Seat Blankie. As it just so happens, I know a beautiful newborn baby boy who loves loves loves to be swaddled.  It looked like the perfect afternoon project (I've been suffering from sewing withdrawals).

It's a great tutorial that shows how to make a swaddle that allows baby to be buckled up in the car seat and swaddled at the same time.  The wonderfully brilliant fabric that I found in Joann's made this project all the more fun! Aren't those elephants darling?

If you know a little one who could use a car seat swaddle, head over to The Complete Guide's blog, utilize her simple tutorial, and drop her a note.

It's pretty much the coolest thing ever. 


  1. The fabric you chose is adorable. Great job. :)

  2. Your elephant fabric is to die for. Where did you get it?

    Nice work on the blankie! I made a couple myself but left the batting out of the middle.

    1. It's a flannel from Joann Fabrics.

      I also like to make blankets without the batting--I think they come out more polished, but I was going more for warmth with this one, and the batting is great for that!

      Thanks for stopping by!