Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Confession: A Failed Sewing Project Resurrected

 I wanted to make a couple of cute care packages for a few friends of mine who are either new mommies or mommies to be.  Perusing through Pinterest for ideas on what to put in my care packages, I came across this tutorial by Martha on how to make Washcloth Puppets.  I thought they were wonderfully perfect!  I downloaded her template and rushed out to target to grab a couple of $2 hand towels to get started.

I quickly discovered that while Martha's puppets came out stinkin' adorable (of course!), I knew that I would have to make a couple of alterations to her design.  Firstly, have you ever tried cutting a towel?  It frays.  A lot.  So, I figured, why not just sew it right sides together with a zig zag stitch to prevent a ridiculous amount of fraying, then just flip them inside out?  That's just what I went about doing.

Turns out that doing so made my little pig look more like an alien.  Alas!  I'll try again with my froggy, I thought.  I had to alter the head shape for my frog--I gave him raised eyeballs and embroidered a little mouth. I narrowed my zig zag stitch and thought I'd have a better shot.

How wrong I was.

They both look terribly goofy.  Definitely not gift-able.  I was pretty sad about my ugly pig and frog washcloths, but wouldn't you know it?  One of the new little booger butts that I have living in my house (two of my baby cousins just moved in) found them and pretty much fell in love.

The words: "OH MY GOSH! Can I have that?!" have never sounded so sweet.

Isn't he so sweet?

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