Sunday, July 29, 2012


Summer around here means putting together as many activities for the gaggle of cousins as possible.  For me, that means a girls' summer sewing class while they boys go off for some pool time.  I've been scouring Pinterest for fun and easy projects for beginner sewers (that's of course \ˈsō-ərs\ and not \ˈsü-ərs\).  I've found lots of cute little ideas, mostly for their American Girl dolls.  But Revoluzzza's monster tutorial has been a favorite.  It was a great project because they were able to practice sewing with the machine and by hand.

It was super fun--and the girls loved it--because they were able to personalize their little monster however they wanted.  Because he uses so little fabric, I was able to pull out all my scraps, so they had plenty of options.  We even had a vampire monster! The girls had such a great time creating their little monsters, one of the boys decided he needed one too.

All five of these monsters were created COMPLETELY by the kids.  I directed, I ironed around the corners to prevent little burned fingers, and I did a little seam ripping when necessary, but these kids did a great job doing everything else completely on their own.  

Do you have any other beginner sewing projects that would be a great option for these crazy kids? 

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