Sunday, August 19, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Things have been crazy busy around here lately.  My family and I moved into a new, bigger house where we all finally have room to breathe.  It's got a pool, so the kids are super happy about that.

I got a teaching position at the university for this year, so I'm officially an English teacher.  It's got great benefits: experience and a nice stipend.

The wedding planning is still chugging along little by little.  It's kind of taken a back seat to the whole school thing, and I'm totally okay with that.  We'll see what the rest of the year holds.

Until next time, I leave you with this wonderful gif my fiance made of my friend Finn and me. Enjoy.


  1. That is soooo stinkin cute

  2. Muchas Gracias. Finn and I are good friends. :)