Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vintage Fabric Pencil Case

I'm months away from graduating, and the stress is piling high.  So, of course, the logical conclusion is to put aside all the grading and studying that needs to be done and instead work on a sewing project.  It's a pencil case, so it's kind of applicable, right?!  Yeah, I guess not.  I'm okay with it.

This little project also gave me the chance to comb through all of my vintage fabric.  When I say "vintage fabric," I really mean all of the vintage bed sheets that I've scooped up at ridiculously cheap prices from thrift stores around town.  This particular one was a king size pillow case.  I made sure to use a strip from the top so that I can make another pillowcase dress from the rest of it.

I used the tutorial that The Adventures of a Blue Girl put on her blog.  She calls it a purse; I call it a pencil case.  Either way, it was a super easy tutorial to follow.  Because she was working with wool felt, and I was working with cotton, my prep was a little different, but her pattern was super easy to follow.  I lined mine with a plain pink cotton fabric and stuck a fusible interfacing between the floral fabric and the solid pink to make it longer lasting.  It's going to get tossed around my bag for a while, so I wanted to make it extra sturdy.

I was also really excited about this project because it gave me the opportunity to try a new strategy for installing zippers.  I've always been kind of weary of installing zippers because I could never get them to look as pretty as I would like.  Make It & Love It has a fantastic tutorial that I uses tape (tape!) for superb zipper installation.  AND I got the chance to use my new serger that my parents got me for my birthday.  Woo hoo!

Overall, I'm pretty excited about how it came out.  I love little projects.  They take just enough time to work their therapeutic magic and they're so instantly gratifying!